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Vivago Care Watch

At the heart of the Vivago solution is the Care Watch, which measures the activity of its wearer in real time.

La montre Vivago Care 8005

Care 8001

The Care 8001 watch measures the movements and activity of its wearer 24 hours a day. It communicates with the base station which will send the data to the Vista server in real time.

Vivago Domi base station

The Vivago Domi base station allows the watch to send its data to the Vista server, where it is continuously analysed.

An image of the Vivago DOMI Point base station against a white background


The Domi receives data from the watch, and sends this information over the mobile data network using an all-network roaming SIM to maximise coverage. It also features a powerful speaker and a microphone, as well as its own manual alarm button. If an automatic or manual alarm is triggered for a watch wearer, the call centre can immediately call the Domi to speak to them and send help if necessary.

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