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Proactive alarms

Vivago monitors the wellbeing of its wearer in real time. It is able to automatically detect a deterioration in state of health. The wearer can also call for help at any time using the manual alarm button.

Wandering detection

Vivago can sound the alarm if the wearer hasn't returned home in a given time period.

High quality activity data

With Vivago's real-time measurement of activity levels, this data can be a powerful tool for caregivers and health experts, providing them with valuable data on an individual's sleep and physical condition.

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Vivago products

At the heart of the Vivago solution is the Care Watch, which analyzes the person’s physical condition in real time.

The watch connects to the Domi base station, which allows data to be sent to the Vista server.

The Vista server allows in-depth understanding of the person’s physical condition and sends alerts and notifications to healthcare personnel.

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